The Rose Garden Zweibrücken was ceremonially opened on 20 June 1914 on the initiative of the Verein Pfälzischer Rosenfreunde, which has been founded two years ago. The idea was -according to the spirit of the time–  to build a permanent rose exhibition, which should always include the most current varieties of German and international rose breeders.  

Since the Rose Garden in Zweibrücken still keeps this target and also wants to  do this in the future, it is the oldest German garden of rose novelties. Among the many novelties bei ng presented, are today only healthy roses, which grow completely without chemistry and therefore  give people pleasure in a natural way.

Of course, there are numerous robust historic roses to complement the assortment wonderfully.   

Already in the opening year, there had blossomed more than 42.000 roses in the newly established so called Rosarium. In spite of the difficult circumstances of two world wars and the inflati on in the 1920s, the Rosarium couldn’t only be maintained but even extended.

In 1951, city garden inspector Oskar Scheerer took over as head of the Rosarium, which has now been under the protection of the City of Zweibrücken for financial reasons. Scheerer gave the garden  a new face, which is still visible in large parts. Henceforth, the Rosarium did no longer be a Rosarium in the classical sense, but a garden, in which the queen of flowers p resents herself with her court. At the same time, the garden should be a place of retreat and resting point in the heart of the city. 

In April 2011 the administration of the  Rose Garden went over from the City to the Umwelt- und Servicebetrieb Zweibrücken. The horticultural management was delegated to mast er gardener Heiko  Hübscher, who continues and extends the conceptions of Scheerer.

In 2014 the Rose Garden Zweibrücken could celebrate its terrific 100 th  Anniversary with more than 120,000 visitors. The garden is still not only a botanical collection and show of ideas for garden designs, but also the setting of many cultural events. The offering is di versified and ranges from Classic Open Air Concerts to picnics in the park and seminars by and  for rose lovers.