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The Wildrosengarten is a public park with no access restrictions. Visitors are always welcome.


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The Zweibrücken Wildrosengarten is located close to the Landschlosses Fasanerie.

Wildrosengarten Zweibrücken
66482 Zweibrücken


History Wildrosengarten

The creation of a garden for wild roses was the idea of city garden inspector Oskar Scheerer. He wanted to establish a living Rose Museum, in which all naturally occurring roses, the original roses, so  to speak, could be collected and presented. In that way, the principal forms of modern rose breeding should be perceptible for everyone.

This assortment should also be complemented by a several number of historical roses, which are no longer commercially avail able. 

Unfortunately, Scheerer couldn’t realize those ideas anymore. After his death in 1971, the foundation bearing his name took up the conception and assisted the City of Zweibrücken in the installation of the Wild Rose Garden. Today, the Umwelt- und Servicebetrieb (UBZ), which has also assumed the management of the Rose Garden in 2012, takes care of the Wild Rose Garden. There are about 400 different varieties of roses. 

In 1980, the rose path –the route between the Rosengarten and the Wildrosengarten -was built.  
Source: Rosenfreunde Zweibrücken